Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Partial List of Male Celebrities Who Have Given Or Received Pedicures

Will Arnett, actor
Howard Stern, radio personality
Charles Barkley, former basketball player and sports analyst



  1. Where did you find this curious info?

    1. I've been keeping track of man-pedicures for a year now. (And believe it or not, I am not joking!) Sources linked.

  2. I think the story about professional athletes getting "manly" pedicures would fit well in this list.

    1. Absolutely--I think I linked to the Jezebel piece on one of these. In trying to beef up this list I Googled "man pedicures" and you wouldn't believe the number of "intrepid reporters" who went to get a pedicure for their local paper, with always the same outcome: Hey, this ain't so bad! Like, duh, you think women do it because it feels painful?

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