Thursday, June 7, 2012

Twenty Places to Get Your Hair Cut

Unlike the names in this McSweeney's list, all of the below exist.

  1. Headz Ain’t Ready, Jackson Heights, New York
  2. Bushwacker, Houston, Texas
  3. The Hairy Elephant, Ballwin, Missouri
  4. Haffner’s Vacuums, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  5. Rusty Razor, Billings, Montana
  6. New Heads on the Block, Salem, Massachusetts
  7. Headonizm, London, England
  8. The Hair Force, Box Elder, South Dakota
  9. Chainsaw Massacre Salon, Victoria, Australia
  10. Hair We Are, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  11. Curl Up and Dye, Las Vegas, Nevada
  12. Hirsute, Rochester, New York
  13. Cut the Crap, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. Scissors of Oz, Millville, New Jersey
  15. Bouffant Daddy, St. Louis, Missouri
  16. Anita Barber, Abilene, Texas
  17. Sunny & Shears, Warwick, Rhode Island
  18. Best Head, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
  19. 911 Hair Salon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  20. Blood, Sweat & Shears, West Palm Beach, Florida


  1. We've got a Curl Up & Dye here in Mpls, too. HAH!

    1. ModernSauce alerted me on Twitter to the same in her area. They're EVERYWHERE!

  2. In Maine:
    Running With Scissors
    Knaughty Hair
    Personali-Tease Hair Styles
    Split Ends
    Bad Hair Days
    Klassy Kutz
    and of course, Curl Up & Dye!

  3. I often get my hair cut at our school district's vocational cosmetology program. It's called Cutting Class.

    1. I hope whoever thought of that was duly rewarded--that's actually brilliant!

  4. There's a hair salon near me in suburban London called Shellshock. I don't know why. I hope it's not the reaction their clients have when they see their haircuts in the mirror!

  5. Love this, and I just idolize your style and character!