Friday, August 2, 2013

Beauty Blogosphere Hiatus

Regular readers may have noticed that I haven't done my links roundup for a couple of weeks. I'd intended to just take a brief break, but when I started putting together this week's collection, I realized exactly why I wanted a break: Reading all that can be exhausting! And right now I'm trying to focus my reading energies on larger pieces, i.e. books, to give myself a solid background to draw from in writing my own book. (Plus, I'm still figuring out how to write a book and blog at the same time without growing roots at my computer.)

So the Beauty Blogosphere is on hiatus for a bit longer. It will return—I love finding and curating these links, and it's a fun departure from the other kind of posts I have on here—but not for a couple of months. In the meantime, if you're seriously jonesing for some beauty news, here are a few options:

Follow me on Twitter! I still find plenty of articles and tweet them out there.

• Subscribe to any of these beauty-related blogs, all of which have great roundups:
   —Wild Beauty (Beauty Bytes, most Fridays)
   —Makeup Museum (Curator's Corner, most Saturdays)
   —Already Pretty (Lovely Links, Fridays)
• And if you read Beauty Blogosphere more for its non-beauty aspects, either its style or its politics or other influences, you might enjoy these:
   —Shines Like Gold (Triple Decker Weekly, weekends, eclectic right-brain awesomeness)
   —Fritinancy (Linkfest, monthly, word- and naming-oriented)
   —Becky's Kaleidoscope (Link Love, often daily, eclectic)
   —Aaron Bady (Sunday Reading, Sundays, eclectic)  
   —Tits and Sass (The Week in Links, Fridays, sex work)
   —Jessica Stanley (Read. Look. Think., Fridays, eclectic)

Other suggestions welcome in comments!


  1. You're so thoughtful! Hope writing is going well. I'm sure that your regular readers understand your need to get away from the [insert vulgarities here] computer.

    Catching up on Stuff Mom Never Told You, and was thrilled to the gills to hear your interview. They have excellent taste.

  2. We all need a break and I was wondering how you would manage to do this time-consuming task while balancing your other work (e.g., the new book). We've enjoyed your work in the past and, if you later choose to resume it, will enjoy it then. In the meantime, savor your life!

  3. I miss your Beauty Blogosphere's, but I completely understand.

    Thank you so much for linking to me! Although my Link Love's are more weekly/bi-weekly (every Saturday and some Tuesdays) than daily :)

  4. Late to the party, but I wanted to thank you for including me!! I will definitely miss the Beauty Blogosphere but I know the end result of your fantastic book will be worth it. :)

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