Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty Blogsophere 6.10.11

The latest beauty news, from head to toe and everything in between.

From Head...
The definitive guide to not washing your hair: Fonda LaShay of Mint & Chili has been with me from nearly the beginning of this hair experiment. Now that I've been STEALTH SHAMPOOED, Fonda's locks are, to me, a reminder of What Once Was. To you, it can just be pretty hair! For a complete guide to not washing your hair, check out her post here.  

Despite what you may read below, Neil Patrick Harris is not Korean. I repeat: not Korean.

Beyond guyliner: Interesting quote roundup in Malaysian Today about men's makeup. "In Korea for example, I think it's almost a norm there to wear eyeliner and foundation and not get judged." Who knew?

Totally made-up disease strikes everyone's girl crush: Poor Christina Hendricks! She has eyelash hypotrichonosis and needs Latisse (which pretty much invented eyelash hypotrichonosis). And as it happens, they needed a spokeswoman! At least she's frank about the hazards of constantly wearing false lashes.

The meeting of Dirck Hals and John Fluevog.

To Toe...
Men in high-heeled shoes in art: Hey, guess what! It's men in high-heeled shoes in art!

...And Everything in Between:
Bottoms up!: Drinking collagen? Is this a thing in the States too? "When the cap is unscrewed, a slight whiff of animal fat serves as a reminder of the drink’s high collagen content."

Call the press—photo airbrushed!: At first I rolled my eyes at news that a model sued Estee Lauder for using her in an anti-aging ad (she's 35). But once I read that the photo was snapped during a test shot for a different product, my sympathy increased. Still, what's bothersome here is that Estee Lauder digitally aged her photo instead of finding a model who could have actually used the product. What, there are no working models over 45? (Shit, are there?)

Makeup on fire!: Fire destroys "substantial portion" of Revlon's Venezuelan facilities. Nobody was at the plant at the time, luckily.

Agreeability and assessment of attraction: Fascinating study of whether people can detect when others are attracted to them. For once I'm on board with an experiment that examines attraction, as it doesn't rely on some random assessor's evaluation of someone else's beauty, but rather people's own perceptions of what others think. Turns out that in women, agreeability is linked to how well we're able to gauge people's attraction to us. For men, it's promiscuity. (Personal aside: I'm a highly agreeable woman and I think I'm generally pretty good at telling when someone's attracted to me, with the glaring exception of...promiscuous men. Seriously, they're the ones I can't read. So!)

Smell like your dad!

Que de que?: Listen, I was as guilty as the next erstwhile foodie of hopping on the bacon bandwagon. I'll even begrudgingly get behind bacon perfume. I draw the line at eau de pork BBQ, however. Introducing: Que. 

What's the point of pretty?: Interesting post at Yes and Yes about extraordinarily attractive women. "How would you feel if the only thing people ever praised you for was something you had no control over?" (Via Rachel Hills)

Possible (but unlikely) merge: Rumors of Proctor & Gamble buying Unilever?

"What I See": I'm always fascinated to read business analysis of ad campaigns, and this breakdown of Procter & Gamble's "What I See"/"Proud Sponsor of Mom" campaign is no exception. Instead of focusing on individual products (CoverGirl, Olay, Clairol, Pantene, etc.) this series aims to associate the corporate brand with Good Things like supporting parents of special needs children. I'm all for hearing authentic voices, but when you see the strategy behind letting "real" moms--of "real" children!--speak, its appeal significant diminishes and begins to seem creepy. Replace special-needs kids with body-image concerns and right there you have my unease about Dove's erstwhile body image campaign.

Self-consciousness and judgment:
Great, critical post from Decoding Dress on the "society-wide beauty pageant" we're shoved into sometimes, and why feeling ungenerous toward ourselves can prompt us to feel that way toward others.

Summer reads!:
Christ, why do magazines always call out "summer reads"? Are we not allowed to read at other times of the year? Or is it that our sun-fried brains can only handle intel lite during the warmer seasons? ANYWAY: Four new beauty books, two of which interest me: "Spa Wars," which claims to be "The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry," and "Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?" by the brains behind The Beauty Brains, a fun, informative cosmetics science site you should be reading if you're not already.


  1. You are the reigning queen of fun post round-ups.

  2. I'm glad you included decoding dress' post.

  3. Thanks, Rebekah! It was the pork cologne that spurred you to say that, I know it.

    Terri, Decoding Dress always has such fantastic stuff, it's often more a matter of not just saying in these roundups OH JUST READ HER PLEASE!