Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No, I Still Haven't Stopped Crowing About My Damn Makeover

No, this is not the result of my anti-aging-cream-on-half-my-face experiment. 

If you just can't get enough of my bombshell makeover (clearly I can't), click here! I've written about the experience on AOL's MyDaily. I'd love it if you'd comment over there--comment registration is a matter of clicking on a link in your e-mail, and you won't get spam. Plus, check out the cool roll-over graphic of my face. Fun!

I've been surprised by how much the experience has stuck with me. As Eden DiBianco—the makeup wizard who made it happen—told me, "I think people are so quick to dismiss the effect an experience like that can have on someone! Anything that takes you out of your normal routine and makes you reexamine the way you think and live is a valuable tool." 

And it's been just that. It's been fun to write about the lasting physical effects--i.e. lipstick!--but it's harder to write about the newfound awareness it's given me of my back-and-forth opposing desires to be seen by the world and to play wallflower. I'd file this under "beauty experiment" (speaking of which: update on the half-face anti-aging cream experiment coming soon!) but the fact is it's a project, not a dabbling, to be at peace with the daily choices I make in self-presentation.


  1. I still think you look the best in the before photo, not a fan of the oversized lips - i think your natural ones are great.

    Might just be a I am big fan of the natural beauty thing. I would love to see a photo of what your new everyday look is..

    the curls are really cute too!

  2. Thanks, Fonda! There will soon be more photos of me up here for the anti-aging bit. I wouldn't even call it a happy medium between the two; it's still laid-back but just a tad more punched up.

    Having overdrawn lips was strange--and called attention to how if you want a certain look, you really have to engineer it. I thought it was a cool look but probably won't do it again.

  3. I look forward to them.

    I think that it is a great experience to have at least once :)

  4. also, although I did not know you before your makeover, even the small picture here shows you had full healthy long hair, which is 40 to 70 percent of your appearence, which can accurately be used to gauge a woman's age from behind without seeing her face. Now your hair is shorter, thinned out, the style of an older woman no longer healthy enough to maintain longer hair. 9 out of 10 men will tell you you looked better before based on that alone, and comparing a before and after with equal amounts of makeup and glam, before is better. Studies show women have an inate hostility to men's preference for long hair, far more than against men who prefer big breasts or taller girls, since long hair is a choice and they feel they didn't do what they know is the superior job, while height or cup size was thrust on them and not their choice.

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